Socio-Economic Impact Analysis

SEWRPC’s Environmental Justice Task Force (EJTF) requested that a socio-economic impact analysis be conducted for all regional plans prepared by SEWRPC.  One of the purposes of the EJTF is to help identify the potential benefits and adverse impacts of regional plans with respect to minority and low-income populations and persons with disabilities (environmental justice populations), and to help assess whether such populations may be expected to receive a proportionate share of any plan benefits and/or a disproportionate share of any plan negative impacts.  The socio-economic impact analysis is considered one method to address this purpose.  SEWRPC contracted with the UW-Milwaukee Center for Economic Development (CED) to conduct the socio-economic impact analysis of the preliminary housing plan. 

Of the 47 preliminary plan recommendations, the analysis conducted by the CED determined that 34 recommendations would be expected to have a significantly positive impact and 10 recommendations would be expected to have a positive impact on environmental justice populations.  The impacts of three preliminary recommendations were determined to be neutral.  A significantly positive impact finding means that environmental justice populations are likely to receive a greater proportion of benefits from the recommendation than the regional population as a whole.  A positive impact finding means that environmental justice populations are likely to receive benefits from the recommendation in proportion to the regional population as a whole.

  • Newsletter summarizing the draft SEI (October 2012).
  • Folleto que resume el borrador de los resultados del análisis de impacto socioecónomico (Octubre 2012)
  • Final SEI.
  • The findings of the socio-economic impact analysis are also summarized in Appendix K of the housing plan report

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