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About Us

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission is the official areawide planning agency and metropolitan planning organization for the seven-county Southeastern Wisconsin Region. Commission staff help communities in our Region plan for and solve problems that go beyond their individual boundaries.

A Regional Approach

The Commission’s role is to help solve problems and focus regional attention on key issues of regional consequence, providing objective information to aid the Region’s decision-makers. Regional planning provides a meaningful technical approach to the proper planning and design of public works systems, such as:

  • Parks and Public Spaces
  • Transportation: All Modes and Roads
  • Utility Coordination
  • Water Supply and Wastewater Infrastructure

A regional approach is also essential for addressing environmental issues, including:

  • Air, Soil, and Water Pollution
  • Drought and Flooding
  • Land and Water Use Changes
  • Natural Resource Deterioration

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Commissioners & Committees

The Commission is governed by 21 Commissioners who make up three standing committees. These standing committees are assisted by advisory committees comprised of public officials, agency representatives, and interested individuals.

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Our annual work program is carried out by a staff of environmental, transportation, and water quality engineers, planners, surveyors, and technical experts.

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Public Involvement

Public involvement is an important part of our work and we encourage all residents to participate in planning for Southeastern Wisconsin's future.

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Our Region

Commission staff serve over 2 million people in the 7 counties and nearly 150 communities that make up Southeastern Wisconsin.

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Budget & Funding

Basic financial support for the Commission's work program is provided by a regional tax levy and State and Federal funding.