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Precipitation Frequency

Commission staff compiles important information related to precipitation frequency for various stormwater and floodplain management applications.

Precipitation Frequency in Southeastern Wisconsin

Commission staff compiled information to aid in stream and stormwater analyses, including recommended precipitation depths and rainfall distributions, as well as recurrence interval determinations for recent storms in the Region. This information can be used for developing peak flows for use in floodplain mapping and stormwater analyses and design.

Precipitation Frequency


Intensity-Duration-Frequency Equations

In response to considerable interest expressed by counties and municipalities in the Region, Commission staff developed county-specific intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) equations utilizing NOAA Atlas 14 precipitation depth-duration-frequency information. The IDF equations developed are empirical formulas representing the relationship between maximum precipitation intensity, precipitation duration, and frequency.

IDF Equations


Heavy Rain Events

Commission staff has analyzed the probabilities of several heavy rain events occurring in the Region over recent years. These probabilities use information from the NOAA Atlas 14, Volume 8, Version 2.0 Precipitation Frequency Data Server.


Rainfall Pattern Maps

Commission staff prepared the following rainfall pattern maps for the storms of August 1986, June 1997, and August 1998: