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County Surveying

The Commission has long recognized the need for accurate base data layers and currently provides county surveyor services for most Southeastern Wisconsin counties.

Surveying and Mapping

The Commission has long recognized the need for accurate base data layers depicting the shape of the land’s surface and the precise location of its physical features, both natural and manmade. Since 1961, the Commission has been a resource for counties and communities regarding surveying and mapping practices.

In this role, the Commission prepared general purpose base layers of the entire Region in the 1960s and continues to recommend that they stay current for use in more localized planning efforts. To this end, the Commission has continuously worked with county and local governments to ensure the survey control system is maintained and provide various geospatial recommendations.

The recommended approach to surveying and geospatial services has provided a strong foundation for both the Region’s county and local digital land information systems and public works management systems.


Foundational Data Layers

Line drawing of a paper report with a magnifying glass over the paper

Corner Monumentation

The permanent monumentation of all U.S. Public Land Survey System (USPLSS) section, quarter section, and center of section corners in the Region.

Shovel and road sign line drawing

Control Surveys

Field surveys to enhance each monument as a station of a known horizontal and vertical position on both the USPLSS and State Plane Coordinate System, along with documentation of the entire control network.

Drawing and Drafting tools line drawing

Cadastral Mapping

Preparing companion, correlated real property ownership data layers and maps based on Commission-recommended standards.

County Surveyor Services

County surveyors are legally responsible for perpetuating the monuments that mark the corners of the USPLSS. These duties include ensuring the perpetuation of those corners that are disturbed or destroyed through a range of activities, primarily road reconstruction.

The Commission has carried out the responsibilities of the Milwaukee County Surveyor since 1984, provides County Surveyor services to Kenosha, Ozaukee, Walworth, and Waukesha Counties, and has a separate agreement with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) to assist the County Surveyor in Racine County.


PLSS Document Search Application

In addition to the field work that goes along with surveying, our survey crew does substantial office work to update documentation of any affected corners. These documents are available for the entire Region through the Commission’s Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Document Search Application.

PLSS Search App


This search application provides an efficient method for identifying monumented PLSS corner locations. Its comprehensive database allows users to build reports consistent with the legacy control stations (commonly referred to as dossier sheets).

The platform offers two methods for finding PLSS corners and accessing report data:

  1. Browse and locate monumented PLSS corners by interacting with the map
  2. Run a query using Township, Range, and Section values to seek the corner location(s)


The application provides three types of reported information available for each monumented PLSS corner: dossier sheet, Control Section Summary Diagram (CSSD), and historic dossiers.