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Land Use Data

An important role the Commission plays is maintaining a current inventory of the Region’s land use that practitioners can use as they conduct their planning and decision-making processes.

Land Use Data

From quick land use data requests to more in-depth analyses, Commission staff frequently help communities and other local partners obtain the data they need to make sound decisions.

This page contains data on the generalized land use from the current and previous inventories for each community in the Region. Changes in land use can be attributed to new developments in urban uses, as well as changes in municipal boundaries due to annexations or incorporations. Contact us with questions or to request specific land use data not provided below.


Land Use by the Decade

Tables with acreages by generalized land use category from the 2020, 2010, and 2000 Commission inventories are below. Note that tables showing no acreage indicate the municipality did not exist at that time due to annexation or incorporation. Also, for municipalities that extend into multiple counties, the land use is listed separately within each county.