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Environmental Fieldwork

The Commission is frequently asked to conduct comprehensive field inspections to identify, evaluate, and delineate wetlands, environmental corridors, natural areas, and critical species habitats.

Environmental Fieldwork

The Commission continually helps local, county, State, and federal units of government evaluate project proposals by defining the extent and quality of wetlands, environmental corridors, natural areas, rare species, and other sensitive natural resources contained on project sites. Commission staff are available to review environmental corridor and wetland delineations conducted by private consultants.

Each year, the Commission receives well over 100 requests for site evaluations from local government officials and conservancy organizations. Projects include transportation improvement projects, development projects, municipal facility and utility projects, park improvement projects, and natural area protection and management projects.


Making a Request

Requests for site inspections must be made by government officials (i.e., local municipality or county) on behalf of the parcel owner using the form at the bottom of this page and should include the following information:

  • Purpose of site inspection (e.g., wetland/environmental corridor delineation or review)
  • Project proposal (e.g., private development project, public improvement project)
  • Location with a well-defined project area, Tax Key Number, and address (staff will request a map following receipt of the request)
  • Property owner name(s) & contact information (email and phone)
  • Surveyor, engineering consultant, developer, and/or real estate agent

Special considerations:

  • Does the entire property need delineation, or will a limited project area suffice?
  • Does the project area include active cropland? If so, is the land rented?
  • Have private consultants conducted past delineations? If so, provide findings.

When fieldwork is scheduled, Commission staff will notify the government official who made the request, property owner(s), surveyors, and other interested parties.

When fieldwork is complete, Commission staff will provide preliminary findings, including a map showing the approximate field-staked wetland, environmental corridor, and other notable observations. The property owner is responsible for hiring a registered land surveyor to locate the wetland/environmental corridor boundary markers. A survey file should be provided to Commission staff when it becomes available.

Finally, the Commission will provide to all interested parties a detailed wetland delineation report as required by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Environmental Field Requests

To make a request, please submit the following: