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Welcome to the online 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for Southeastern Wisconsin. This database will enable you to search and filter projects that are included in the amended 2023-2026 TIP. A summary of the 2023-2026, including a link to the TIP document, and all approved amendments to the 2023-2026 TIP can be found on SEWRPC’s TIP webpage.

Below are helpful hints and suggestions to help you find specific projects. To continue to the database, please click the link found below and at the bottom of this page.



Project Listing Page

The project listing is displayed by the current 2023-2026 TIP project number. Initially all current projects are shown on one page in project number order. The project’s number, description, sponsor, type, and State Identification (StateID) number are shown on the Project Listing page. If you would like more information on a project, simply click on the blue bold “Project No. ___” above each project description to view more information. Below are additional ways to quickly find a project.


Filtering by Category

To filter projects using the common categories, simply check the box next to the category for which you would like projects displayed. More than one option may be selected within each category and more than one category can be used to filter the project listing.


Using the Search Box

The search box allows projects to be filtered using the following information:

  • Project Number
  • State Identification Number (StateID)
  • Project Description

The use of wildcards is not a feature available at this time.

When searching for projects, please note that common abbreviations are used. Such as:

  • USH = United States Highway
  • IH = Interstate Highway
  • STH = State Trunk Highway
  • CTH = County Trunk Highway
  • Rd, St, Dr, Blvd for proper street names


Clearing Results

You have the option to clear each category which you have searched on by clicking the “clear” button on the upper right box of each category. If you would like to quickly return to the original project listing, click the “Clear All Filters” below the “Keyword” search box.


Project Detail Page

After searching for a project, click the blue bold “Project No. __” above the project description to see more project cost detail. This will take you to the project detail page for the project that provides the same information that is provided in the printed TIP document, such as estimated costs, and timing of each element of the project and source of funding—Federal, State, and local—programmed in the four years of the TIP. In addition, if a project has been amended, the date of the most recent amendment will be noted at the bottom of the detail page. From this screen you also have the option of printing or emailing the detailed project information. Clicking the “Return to Projects Listing” will return you to the project listing with your last active search results (NOTE: your search results will not be saved after closing your active browser).




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