Pewaukee Lake Watershed Protection Plan

The watershed protection plan for the Pewaukee Lake will provide a framework to enable communities in the area to work together with a common goal—to protect and improve the land and water resources of the Pewaukee Lake watershed.  The plan seeks to improve upon the current (2003) plan (A Lake Management Plan for Pewaukee Lake, 2nd Edition) with updated information and seeks to ensure that management recommendations in the plan address the causes of the major issues in the Lake. Specifically, the major objectives of this plan are as follows:

  • To describe existing conditions in the Pewaukee Lake watershed, including identification and quantification of potential point and nonpoint sources of pollution, nutrient and contaminant inputs, and nutrient and contaminant balances;
  • To document the aquatic plant community and fishery of Pewaukee Lake, with emphasis on the occurrence and distribution of nonnative species;
  • To identify the extent of any existing and potential future water quality problems likely to be experienced in the Lake, including an assessment of the Lake’s water quality using monitoring data being collected as part of ongoing programs and estimates of changes in these conditions in the future; and
  • To formulate appropriate lake protection programs, including public information and education strategies and other possible actions necessary to address the identified problems and issues of concern.

If there are any questions or concerns related to this project please feel free to contact Dale Buser – Principal Specialist at dbuser@sewrpc.org or at (262) 953-3228.

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