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Since its inception, SEWRPC has endeavored to support its county and local governments in undertaking surveying, mapping and imaging projects. Such projects are undertaken within the framework of a SEWRPC-recommended monumented control survey network that relates the U.S. Public Land Survey System to the State Plane Coordinate System.

County surveyors are legally responsible for perpetuating the monuments that mark the corners of the U.S. Public Land Survey System. County surveyors are also responsible for meeting statutory requirements relative to keeping records of land surveys. At the present time, SEWRPC contracts with Kenosha, Milwaukee, Walworth, and Waukesha Counties in an effort to cost effectively carry out the duties and responsibilities of County Surveyor in four of the Region’s seven counties. Documents attendant to the U.S. Public Land Survey System in the entire Region may be found here.

In mid-2010 SEWRPC completed a review and reevaluation of the regional control survey program. The Advisory Committee that oversaw this effort made the following three basic recommendations:

1.      The Commission should continue to utilize NAD 27 and NGVD 29 as the basis for its horizontal and vertical survey control network within the Region;
2.      The Commission, in cooperation with its constituent counties, should continue to maintain the monuments that perpetuate the U.S. Public Land Survey System within the Region and the network of bench marks that make available to users accurate State Plane Coordinate positions and elevations; and
3.      The Commission should undertake the development of a new methodology for the bidirectional transformation of State Plane Coordinates between NAD 27 and NAD 83 (2007) and elevations between NGVD 29 and NAVD 88 (2007).
Following up on the Advisory Committee’s recommendations, SEWRPC developed new bidirectional transformation methodologies for State Plane Coordinates and elevations. These methodologies are documented in SEWRPC Technical Report No. 49, Bidirectional Transformation of Legacy and Current Survey Control Data Within Southeastern Wisconsin , May 2010.

For more information regarding the County Surveyor functions, please contact:

Rob Merry, PLS
County Surveyor for Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Walworth, and Waukesha Counties


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