Community Assistance


Community Assistance

Since its inception in 1960, SEWRPC has carried out an extensive community assistance program. This program promotes coordination between regional and local plans, provides guidance to county and local governments relative to plan implementation activities, and assists in achieving good public administration in pursuing the sound physical development and management of the Region. SEWRPC also supports regional, county, and local economic development agencies and programs, and serves as the County Surveyor for four counties in the Region. Community Assistance and Economic Development services are available to all county and local governments that participate in and financially support the regional planning work program.

Cities, Villages, and Towns in the Southeastern Wisconsin RegionMap of cities, villages, and towns in the Region

There are seven counties and 147 cities, villages, and towns in the Southeastern Wisconsin Region
(29 cities, 66 villages, and 52 towns). More information is provided below.


Comprehensive Plans and Plan Implementation

SEWRPC locally-focused planning services generally involve projects that result in the preparation of county and local plans and plan implementation ordinances.


Survey Document Search and New Interactive Mapping Application

View SEWRPC planning related data inventory layers and aerial orthophoto imagery in our interactive mapping application or search for survey documents like Survey Dossiers and Control Survey Summary Diagrams


Hazard Mitigation Planning

SEWRPC provides assistance to counties and local governments in the preparation and updating of hazard mitigation plans.


Economic Development

Economic development in Southeastern Wisconsin is conducted by county and local economic and community development organizations, including economic development corporations or agencies established by each of the seven counties in the Region. The Milwaukee 7 (M7) provides a regional, cooperative economic development platform for the seven counties.


Model Ordinances and Guides

SEWRPC prepares planning guides, model ordinances, and other materials to assist county and local governments with the preparation of plans and implementing ordinances.


EMSI Data Request

Economic Modeling Specialist International (EMSI) Analyst software is a web-based economic development tool that includes extensive industry and occupation data. SEWRPC has been given access to use EMSI Analyst software by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.


Business Park Inventories and Absorption Studies

SEWRPC staff is working with County Economic Development Organizations and local government planners to compile a list of existing and proposed business parks in each County in the Region.


Advisory Services

SEWRPC advisory services consist of the provision of basic planning and engineering data available in the Commission’s files to State agencies, county and local governmental units, and private sector interests. Advisory services also consist of the provision, upon request, of planning, engineering, and other technical assistance to local communities.


Review Services

SEWRPC review services help incorporate regional studies and plans into county and local planning programs, plans, and plan implementation devices, such as zoning and subdivision control ordinances. Review services are also intended to prevent unnecessary duplication of planning efforts and to coordinate and encourage regional plan implementation.


Local Park and Open Space Planning

SEWRPC provides assistance to local governments (cities, villages, and towns) in the preparation and updating of local park and open space plans.


Surveying and Mapping Recommendations

Accurate base maps are essential to sound regional, county, and local planning programs. SEWRPC developed a set of recommendations for base map preparation in 1964 and has promoted the production of maps based on those recommendations by county and local governments since that time.


County Surveyor Services

County surveyor services are provided under contract to those counties that choose to undertake this function collectively through SEWRPC. Presently, such services are provided to Kenosha, Milwaukee, Walworth, and Waukesha counties.




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