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Commission employees can be telephoned directly. The receptionist can be reached at 262-547-6721.
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Please note, some staff members may be working a hybrid schedule. If an in-person meeting is required, a scheduled appointment may be necessary.
SEWRPC Phone List


McKay, Benjamin R.
 Interim Executive Director 

Public Involvement and Outreach

Payne, Nakeisha N.
 PIO Manager 
Moore, Montre J. 262-953-3261


Hiebert, Christopher T.
 Chief Transportation Engineer 
Hoel, Ryan W.
 Deputy Chief Transportation Engineer 
Ale, Gom B. 262-953-3267
Callin, Elizabeth (Liz) 262-953-3214
Cooper, Carrie L. 262-953-3205
Delmagori, Joseph 262-953-3254
Helin, Victor T. 262-953-3233
Henning, William 262-953-3220
Johnson, Ethan S. 262-953-3216
Mason, Reginald L. 262-953-3235
Rosenwald, Gabriel 262-953-3215
Rueda, Xylia N. 262-953-3250
Sarnecki, Jennifer B. 262-953-3202
Shinners, Dana 262-953-3217

Land Use

Dietl, Joel E.
 Chief Land Use Planner 
Brien, Rochelle M. 262-953-3279
Fierek, Frank G. 262-953-3218
Gore, Barry A. 262-953-3243
Heckel, Donald P. 262-953-3238
Johnson, Kendall J. 262-953-3259
Kania, Richard R. 262-953-3226
Miner, Katelyn M. 262-953-3277
Page, Miranda 262-953-3211
Robinson, Robbie L. 262-953-3232
Siegler, James P. 262-953-3203
Sobottke, Kathryn E. 262-953-3219


Larsen, Elizabeth A.
 Director of Administration 
Carzoli, Alexa J. 262-953-4345
Deau, Megan I. 262-953-3241
Klatkiewicz, Robert J. 262-953-3204
Wazny, Richard J. 262-953-3274

Surveying and GIS

Merry, Rob W.
 Chief Surveyor 
Gosetti, Michael G.
 GIS Manager 
Bouchard, Patricia L. 262-953-3206
Gorsegner, Tim R. 262-953-3276
Johnson, Benjamin O. 262-953-3249
Kendall, Justin D. 262-953-3268
Kutz, Kaleb W. 262-953-3209
Subotnik, Bradley T. 262-953-3251
Traeger, Andy J. 262-953-4296

Environmental Planning

Herrick, Laura K.
 Chief Environmental Engineer 
Slawski, Thomas M.
 Chief Specialist-Biologist 
Boxhorn, Joseph E. 262-953-3244
Buser, Dale J. 262-953-3228
Dietl, Jennifer L. 262-953-4291
Heyel, Shane T. 262-953-3245
Hollister, Karin M. 262-953-3247
Jors, Christopher J. 262-953-3246
Kron, Zachary P. 262-953-3208
Li, Zijia 262-953-3265
Mahoney, James M. 262-953-3207
Neureuther, Nicklaus J. 262-953-3225
Noe, Zofia 262-953-3221
Orlowski, Julia C. 262-953-3264
Owens, Aaron W. 262-953-4293
Poinsatte, Justin P. 262-953-3230
Shedivy, Megan A. 262-953-4286

Special Projects

Lynde, Eric D.
 Chief Special Projects Planner 
Meland, John R. 262-953-3253
Parisey, Christopher D. 262-953-3236
Southeastern Wisconsin
Regional Planning Commission
W239 N1812 Rockwood Dr.
PO Box 1607
Waukesha, WI 53187-1607
262-547-6722 (direct line)
Fax: 262-547-1103
Milwaukee Office
Global Water Center
247 Freshwater Way, Suite 531
Milwaukee, WI. 53204
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Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission


W239 N1812 Rockwood Drive
P.O. Box 1607
Waukesha, WI 53187-1607


Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Phone: (262) 547-6721
Fax: (262) 547-1103

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