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The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) was established in 1960 as the official areawide planning agency for the southeastern region of the State. SEWRPC serves the seven counties of Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, Washington, and Waukesha.

SEWRPC was created to provide objective information and professional planning initiatives to help solve problems and to focus regional attention on key issues of regional consequence.  Regional planning provides a meaningful technical approach to the proper planning and design of public works systems, such as:
  • Highways
  • Transit
  • Sewerage
  • Water Supply
  • Park and Open Space Facilities
A regional approach is also essential for addressing environmental issues, including:
  • Flooding
  • Air and Water Pollution
  • Natural Resource Base Deterioration
  • Changing Land Use


SEWRPC consists of 21 members, three from each of the seven member counties. One Commissioner from each county is appointed, or confirmed by the county board in those counties where a county executive appoints, and is usually an elected county board supervisor. The remaining two from each county are appointed by the Governor, one from a list prepared by the county.

Committee Structure

SEWRPC, as a body, is responsible for establishing overall policy, adopting the annual budget, and adopting regional plan elements. SEWRPC has four standing committees: Executive, Administrative, Planning and Research, and Intergovernmental and Public Relations. The SEWRPC bylaws adopted by SEWRPC on March 9, 1961, and most recently revised on December 6, 2023, define and regulate SEWRPC, and those Committees and officers established by and responsible to SEWRPC.  The Executive Committee oversees the work effort of SEWRPC and is empowered to act for SEWRPC in all matters except the adoption of the budget and the adoption of regional plan elements. The Planning and Research Committee reviews all of the technical work carried out by SEWRPC staff and its consultants. The Intergovernmental and Public Relations Committee serves as SEWRPC’s principal arm in communicating with the constituent county boards. SEWRPC is assisted in its work by a series of advisory committees. These committees include both elected and appointed public officials and interested citizens with knowledge in SEWRPC work areas. The committees perform a significant function in both the formulation and the execution of  SEWRPC work programs.


SEWRPC prepares an annual work program which is reviewed and approved by Federal and State funding agencies. This work program is then carried out by a core staff of full-time professional, technical, administrative, and clerical personnel, supplemented by additional temporary staff and consultants as required by the various work programs under way.

SEWRPC is organized into nine divisions. Five of these divisions, Transportation Planning, Environmental Planning, Land Use Planning, Community Assistance and Economic Development Planning, and Special Projects, have direct responsibility for the conduct of SEWRPC's major planning programs. The remaining divisions, including Administrative Services, Geographic Information Systems, Surveyor Services, and Public Involvement and Outreach provide support to the five planning divisions.

An organizational chart of the Commission, standing committees, advisory committees, and staff structure can be viewed here.

Enabling Legislation

SEWRPC was established in 1960 under Section 66.0309 of the Wisconsin Statutes as the official areawide planning agency for the southeastern region of the state. A copy of the statute can be viewed here.


Basic financial support for SEWRPC's work program is provided by a regional tax levy apportioned to each of the seven counties on the basis of equalized valuation. These basic funds are supplemented by State and Federal aids.

The most recent SEWRPC budgets are available for viewing here.


Published reports are intended to serve as important references for public officials at the Federal and State levels, as well as at the local level, when considering important development decisions. Perhaps most importantly, however, published reports are intended to provide a focus for generating enlightened citizen interest in, and action on, plan recommendations. Accordingly, SEWRPC has established the following types of published reports:

  • Planning Report
  • Planning Guide
  • Technical Report
  • Technical Record
  • Community Assistance Planning Report
  • Planning Program Prospectus
  • Annual Report
  • Memorandum Report

In addition to the eight basic types of reports listed above, SEWRPC documents its work in certain miscellaneous publications, including a newsletter, regional planning conference proceedings, study designs, public hearing and public informational meeting minutes, transportation improvement programs, and staff memorandums.

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Title VI Non-Discrimination Agreement

Title VI Complaint Form

Title VI Complaint and Investigation Procedures

Affirmative Action Plan: 2023-2024



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