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Streets & Highways

Commission staff assist each county in preparing jurisdictional highway plans consistent with the streets and highways element of VISION 2050.

Streets & Highways

For many years, the Commission has worked with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and the seven counties in the Region to convert the streets and highways element of the regional transportation plan to jurisdictional highway plans.

The region plan, VISION 2050, contains recommendations relative to function in terms of location and the number of lanes of each facility. Jurisdictional highway plans contain specific recommendations as to which level of government—state, county, or local—should logically be responsible for each of the various facilities comprising the total arterial system.

County jurisdictional highway plans are amended and updated from time-to-time to incorporate changes to the functional recommendations contained in the regional transportation plan and other issues.


Plan Objectives

County jurisdictional highway plans are intended to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Promote implementation of the adopted regional transportation plan (VISION 2050).
  2. Provide a sound basis for the efficient management of the total arterial street and highway system, thereby avoiding conflicts and duplication in the administration, financing, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of the individual facilities of which the system is composed.
  3. Provide for the efficient planning and design of the total arterial system by grouping into subsystems those facilities which, by virtue of the type and extent of intended service, should have similar design, construction, operation, and maintenance standards.
  4. Provide a basis for sound, long-range fiscal policy and for the systematic programming of arterial improvements, thereby assuring the most effective use of the total public resources invested in highway transportation.
  5. Provide for the equitable distribution of arterial highway system development costs and revenues among the levels and agencies of government concerned.