VISION 2050 Amendment: Establishing targets for Federal transit and highway performance measures for incorporation into VISION 2050

The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) enacted in 2012, created a national performance management framework that established uniform performance measures and target setting to, in part, create a consistent nationwide process for monitoring the effectiveness of Federal transportation investments. As part of implementing the national performance management framework, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), like the Commission, are to establish transit and highway targets for performance measures under the following categories:

  • Transit Asset Management (TAM)
  • National Highway System (NHS) Bridge and Pavement Performance
  • NHS and Freight Reliability
  • Congestion Mitigation and Air-Quality Improvement (CMAQ)

Under the national performance management framework, the Commission is required to establish performance targets for the Region’s metropolitan planning area (map), or the Milwaukee urbanized area for two CMAQ related measures. The TAM targets are established annually, and the NHS, freight, and CMAQ targets are established every four years. While the Commission is required to establish targets for these measures and plan and program for achievement of those targets, there are no consequences should those targets not be met. In addition, the performance targets established for the Region are required to be incorporated into VISION 2050—the year 2050 regional land use and transportation plan completed in 2016.

This amendment does not propose any changes to the recommendations included in VISION 2050. It only involves incorporating targets to address new Federal performance management requirements.


Preliminary Recommended Targets for Related Performance Measures


To establish the required short-term targets for the Region, Commission staff first developed long-term (year 2050) targets in the context of VISION 2050. Table 1 shows the preliminary recommended year 2050 regional targets for each of the TAM, NHS, freight, and CMAQ measures, which are proposed to be incorporated into VISION 2050 as an amendment. Table 2 shows the short-term TAM, NHS, and freight targets for both the Region’s metropolitan planning area and the seven-county Region. Table 3 shows the short-term congestion related CMAQ targets for the Milwaukee urbanized area and Table 4 shows the short-term emission reduction-related CMAQ targets preliminarily recommended for the Region. As these performance measures are based on this estimated reduction of future projects, the Commission staff propose that only short-term targets be established.  In addition, it is proposed that these targets for the Metropolitan Planning Area and the Region be the same targets. The process used to develop each performance measure is summarized in this document.

In general, these targets represent the aspirational nature of, and quantify, the objectives and recommendations of VISION 2050. The Commission requested public comment through May 9, 2019, on the preliminary recommended targets that was considered by the Advisory Committee on Regional Transportation Planning. The targets will next be considered by the Commission for inclusion into VISION 2050—the adopted year 2050 regional land use and transportation plan.


Reporting and Monitoring of  Targets


The targets will be reported and monitored in the transportation system performance section of the Commission’s Annual Report and on its website. The regional long-term targets will be reviewed and potentially updated every four years as part of the interim regional plan update and every 10 years as part of the major regional plan update.

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