Types of map prints available from the Commission are described below. Prices for prints can be found in the aerial photography and map price list. Samples of some maps can be found in the aerial photography and map samples document. Printing the sample document will show the maps at actual scale.

To place an order for map prints, or for more information, please call the Commission at (262) 547-6721.

Base Maps

The Commission maintains a series of base maps for use in planning activities. The base maps depict transportation features, municipal boundaries, major lakes and rivers, and Public Land Survey section lines and corners. County base maps were designed to be used at a scale of 1″=4,000″.

Plan Maps

Transportation and land use plan maps for the Region are available. Plan maps measure 42″ x 54″ and are at prepared at 1″=8,000′ scale.

Transportation Plan Maps

The following plan maps show arterial street and highway elements for the Region including state trunk freeways and nonfreeways, county and local trunk highways, freeway-nonfreeway interchanges, numbers of traffic lanes, transit stations, park-ride and park-pool lots, and intermodal terminals (airport, bus, passenger rail, seaport). The 2000 transportation plan also includes transit service area coverage, but the only intermodal terminals shown are airports.

  • 2035 Transportation Plan, Arterial Street and Highway Element
  • 2025 Transportation Plan, Arterial Street and Highway Element 
  • 2020 Transportation Plan, Arterial Street and Highway Element
  • 2010 Transportation Plan, Arterial Street and Highway Element
  • 2000 Transportation Plan

Transit and bicycle element maps for the 2010 through 2035 transportation plans of the Region were also developed. The transit element plan map shows routes for rapid and express transit service, transit stations, transit service areas, and intermodal terminals (airport, bus passenger rail, seaport). The bicycle element plan map shows state, county, and local bicycle ways within utility and natural resource corridors and street and highway rights-of-way; major activity centers; and intermodal terminals (airport, bus, passenger rail, seaport).

  • 2035 Transportation Plan, Transit Element 
  • 2035 Transportation Plan, Bicycle Element 
  • 2025 Transportation Plan, Transit Element  
  • 2025 Transportation Plan, Bicycle Element  
  • 2020 Transportation Plan, Transit Element
  • 2020 Transportation Plan, Bicycle Element
  • 2010 Transportation Plan, Transit Element
  • 2010 Transportation Plan, Bicycle Element

Land Use Plan Maps

These maps show recommended land use development for the Region including suburban density, low density, medium density, and high density residential areas; major commercial, industrial, outdoor recreational, transportation, utility, governmental, and institutional centers; primary environmental corridors; and agricultural and rural residential areas.

  • 2035 Land Use Plan
  • 2020 Land Use Plan
  • 2010 Land Use Plan

Existing Land Use Maps

These maps show existing land use development of the Region categorized by single-family and multi-family residential; retail and service; manufacturing, wholesale, and storage; landfill and extractive; transportation, communication, and utilities (except highways, railways, and transmission lines); governmental and institutional; woodland and wetland; recreational; and agricultural and other open lands.

  • 2010 Existing Land Use
  • 2000 Existing Land Use
  • 1985 Existing Land Use
  • 1963 Existing Land Use


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