Ozaukee County Jurisdictional Highway System Plan

About the Plan

At the request of Ozaukee County, the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) is preparing a new jurisdictional highway system plan for Ozaukee County. The new plan is an update to the Ozaukee County jurisdictional highway system plan that was originally adopted by the Ozaukee County Board of Supervisors on December 5, 1973, and later amended on five other occasions. The jurisdictional highway system plan provides a review and reevaluation, and recommendations as to which level and agency of government—state, county, and local—should have jurisdictional responsibilities for each segment of arterial street and highway in Ozaukee County, and identifies which changes in jurisdictional responsibility, or jurisdictional transfers, are necessary to implement the plan. The new jurisdictional highway system plan also constitutes a refinement and amendment of the functional improvements—new arterial facilities and widening of existing facilities—recommended in Ozaukee County under the year 2035 regional transportation plan, as adopted by SEWRPC on June 21, 2006, and amended in 2010 and 2014, and is intended to be a functional, as well as jurisdictional, arterial street and highway system plan for Ozaukee County to the design year 2035.

The new Ozaukee County jurisdictional highway system plan is intended to help Ozaukee County:

  • Cope with the growing traffic demands within the County;
  • Adjust the existing jurisdictional highway systems to changes in land use development along their alignment;
  • Maintain an integrated county trunk highway system within the County; Adjust the existing jurisdictional highway system to better serve the major changes in traffic patterns taking place within the County; and
  • Achieve an equitable distribution of arterial street and highway development and maintenance costs and revenues among the various levels and agencies of government concerned.



Ozaukee County Jurisdictional Highway Planning Committee

The preparation of a new jurisdictional plan is being conducted by SEWRPC staff under the guidance of the 20-member Ozaukee County Jurisdictional Highway Planning Committee. The Committee includes representation from each of the 16 cities, villages, and towns in the County, the County itself, as well as from the federal and state levels. Specifically, this Committee assists and advises the study staff on technical methods, procedures, and interpretations; assisted in the assembly and evaluation of planning and engineering data; assists in the establishment, definition, and review of criteria; appraised alternative plans; and resolved any conflicts which arose in plan preparations and selection. Meeting materials, including upcoming meeting agendas, and past meeting minutes, can be found at the meetings section of the advisory committee web page.


Draft Plan Chapters

Preliminary draft plan chapters will be posted here as PDF files as they are drafted. Preparation of the plan is expected to be completed in the summer of 2017. The plan report is anticipated to be organized into the following chapters: 





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Ozaukee County Jurisdictional Highway Planning Committee


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