Transportation issues represent a significant component of regional planning in all metropolitan areas of the nation. From its inception in the early 1960s, SEWRPC has been engaged in multimodal transportation planning, working cooperatively with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, transit operators, and county and local units of government in the region. Federal transportation funds, which constitute an important source of funding for transportation infrastructure in the region, are linked by Federal law to a prescribed transportation planning and programming process. This process is sponsored by what the Federal government terms Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). SEWRPC is the Federally recognized MPO for the Southeastern Wisconsin Region.

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Regional Transportation Improvement Program: 2015-2018

The transportation improvement program (TIP) is a listing of all arterial highway, public transit, and other related transportation improvement projects proposed to be carried out by State and local governments over a four year period in the seven-county Southeastern Wisconsin Region. The TIP indicates the transportation system improvement priorities of State and local governments in Southeastern Wisconsin by their programming of projects in each of the next four years.


2050 Regional Land Use and Transportation Plan

SEWRPC is currently preparing VISION 2050, a year 2050 regional land use and transportation plan that will update the year 2035 regional land use and transportation plans adopted by SEWRPC in 2006. The land use element of the plan will provide a guide for developing Southeastern Wisconsin and protecting natural and agricultural resources. The transportation element will provide a guide for developing the transit, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and streets and highways needed to serve the Region.


2035 Regional Transportation Plan

The 2035 Regional Transportation Plan was adopted by SEWRPC in 2006. Like its companion 2035 regional land use plan, it is a fifth generation plan, having roots in the original SEWRPC 1990 transportation plan adopted in 1966.


2014 Interim Review and Update of the Year 2035 Regional Transportation Plan

In 2014, SEWRPC completed an interim review and update of the year 2035 regional transportation plan. The review re-examined the forecasts underlying the plan, measured the performance of the transportation system, assessed the implementation to date of the plan recommendations, and made modifications and updates to the year 2035 plan.


Jurisdictional Highway Plans

SEWRPC works cooperatively with each of the seven counties in the region in producing and keeping up-to-date jurisdictional highway plans. While the regional transportation plan focuses primarily on the functional aspects of the regional transportation system, including with respect to highways, the location and capacity of arterial street and highway facilities, the jurisdictional highway plans focus primarily on responsibility—state, county or local—for implementing the functional recommendations for arterial streets and highways included in the regional plan.


Section 5310 Program

The Federal Transportation Administration Section 5310: Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program provides funds for projects specifically intended to improve the mobility of seniors and people with disabilities. SEWRPC manages the selection of projects receiving these funds within the Milwaukee urbanized area.


Regional Transportation Operations Plan: 2012-2016

The regional transportation operations plan (RTOP) is a short-range plan listing the transportation systems management actions, or transportation systems operations measures, which are recommended for priority implementation over the next five years. The report prepared for the RTOP includes a description of the transportation systems operations recommended in the year 2035 regional transportation plan, and provides a listing of the candidate projects, describes and presents the evaluation of these projects, and provides a priority listing of the projects


Congestion Management Process in Southeastern Wisconsin

Federal Statute and regulations require transportation management areas (TMAs), such as Southeastern Wisconsin, to develop and implement a congestion management process as part of the regional transportation planning process. The preparation of the regional transportation plan for Southeastern Wisconsin, its reappraisal on a four year cycle, its major reevaluation and extension on a ten year cycle, and its refinement through more detailed planning and programming efforts, provide the congestion management process for Southeastern Wisconsin.


Transit Development Plans

SEWRPC works on a continuing basis with the major transit operators in the region in producing and keeping up-to-date short range transit development plans for their respective transit service areas. Drawing from regional transportation plan recommendations, these sub-regional plans typically provide for a five year program of modifications and improvements to the services provided by transit agencies.


Human Services Transportation Coordination

Working with the human services agencies and the public transit operators in the region, SEWRPC annually addresses coordination needs to improve access to needed transportation services in a cost-effective manner.


Public Participation in the Transportation Planning Process

SEWRPC carries out an extensive public participation process relative to all of its regional planning studies. Under Federal law that process involves the preparation and updating from time-to-time of a formal public plan focusing on transportation planning activities.


Environmental Justice Task Force

Under Federal law SEWRPC has a specific responsibility to help ensure the full and fair participation throughout the regional planning process of low income, minority, and disabled individuals and communities. To help meet this important responsibility, SEWRPC has created an Environmental Justice Task Force.


Regional Airport System Plan

From time-to-time SEWRPC works with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Bureau of Aeronautics, on airport system planning in the Region. This has led to the preparation of a regional airport system plan that was initially adopted by SEWRPC in 1976 and amended from time-to-time since then.


Other Transportation Project Websites

In carrying out its regional transportation responsibilities, SEWRPC works with other groups and agencies in undertaking important transportation studies. These studies have their own special websites


MPO Designation, Geography, and Responsibilities

Under Federal law, SEWRPC, as the MPO for the urbanized areas of Southeastern Wisconsin, is responsible for seeing that all transportation planning and programming requirements are met. This is accomplished through a comprehensive, cooperative, and continuing planning process.




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