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The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) is the official metropolitan planning organization (MPO) and regional planning commission (RPC) for the seven county southeastern Wisconsin area.  SEWRPC was created in 1960 to provide the basic information and planning services necessary to solve problems which transcend the corporate boundaries and fiscal capabilities of the local units of government comprising the Southeastern Wisconsin Region. For over 50 years SEWRPC has provided such information and planning services needed to solve problems and provide focus and attention on key issues of regional consequence. more


SEWRPC Newsletter

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission has created an electronic newsletter to keep you updated on the latest developments at the Commission and significant regional news related to the issues that SEWRPC addresses. We encourage you to sign up for the newsletter here.


Major Work Efforts


TIP 2015-2018

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for Southeastern Wisconsin is a listing of Federally funded transportation projects proposed for Southeastern Wisconsin 2015-2018.  more




Pewaukee Lake Watershed Protection Plan

In response to a request from the Pewaukee Lake Sanitary District, SEWRPC is preparing a protection plan for the Pewaukee Lake watershed in Waukesha County. This plan will build from the 2003 Second Edition Lake Management Plan for Pewaukee Lake and will provide specific, targeted recommendations to protect and enhance water quality, recreational use and access, and fish and wildlife habitat conditions within the Lake and its larger watershed.  more


Jurisdictional Highway Plans

SEWRPC is currently preparing updates to the county jurisdictional highway system plans. The plans would provide a review and reevaluation, and recommendations as to which level and agency of government—state, county, and local—should have jurisdictional responsibilities for each segment of arterial street and highway in the Region. The new county jurisdictional highway system plans would constitute a refinement and amemdment of the functional improvements—new arterial facilities and widening of existing facilities—recommended in the year 2035 regional transportation plan. More on the jurisdictional highway plans can be found here.



Notices and News


SEWRPC Assisting Milwaukee County in Exploring Bus Rapid Transit

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele announced in June that Milwaukee County would explore the development of bus rapid transit (BRT) in the heavily traveled corridor between downtown Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center in Wauwatosa. The Commission staff is assisting Milwaukee County in this effort, at the request of the Milwaukee County Department of Transportation. The Commission’s regional plan has long recommended pursuing the development of a system of express bus and BRT lines. A newsletter devoted to the BRT topic can be accessed here.


VISION 2050 Alternative Plans Being Developed

VISION 2050 is a major planning effort that aims to update, reevaluate, and extend the regional land use and transportation plans to the year 2050. The VISION 2050 process will ultimately result in a year 2050 regional land use and transportation plan for Southeastern Wisconsin, representing a long-range vision for land use and transportation in the Region. The current stage of VISION 2050 involves comparing and evaluating a series of detailed alternative regional land use and transportation system plans, being developed based on consideration of feedback on the sketch scenarios explored in fall/winter 2014. An outline of the alternative plans currently being developed is available here, with the alternative plans and their evaluation to be reviewed during the next round of public workshops later this year. You can explore the sketch scenarios from the previous stage,  review SEWRPC’s previously-released Guiding the Vision, and learn more about visioning for the year 2050 on the VISION 2050 website. You can also access draft chapters of the plan as they are prepared here.


A Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

A Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for the Southeastern Wisconsin Region has been completed and is being distributed to county and local governments in the Region. The CEDS was developed by SEWRPC and the Milwaukee 7 (M7) in collaboration with the Regional Economic Partnership (REP). The REP includes representatives from the county economic development organizations or staffs, City of Milwaukee, M7, We Energies, and SEWRPC.

The CEDS is designed to promote governmental efforts and public-private partnerships to increase jobs and incomes, increase private investment, and encourage innovation in the Region. It provides a forum for identifying and prioritizing investment projects, identifies performance measures to evaluate economic development strategies, and enables eligible counties and communities to apply for grants from the U.S. Department of Commerce - Economic Development Administration (EDA). more


A Comparison of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area to Its Peers

Commission staff recently prepared a report comparing the Milwaukee metro area to 26 other metro areas—13 from the midwest and 13 from the rest of the nation. The comparison includes nearly 90 measures related to the population, the economy, and the transportation system of the four-county Milwaukee metro area. The findings highlight a number of critical issues facing the Milwaukee area: slower population growth and greater job loss than nearly all other metro areas; strong evidence of disparities between white and minority populations (in regards to education, income, and poverty levels) that are more pronounced than nearly all other metro areas; and a well-performing highway system compared to other metro areas, but a transit system that has experienced more severe declines in ridership and service levels than nearly all other metro areas. These findings are presented in SEWRPC Memorandum Report No. 221 and provide valuable information for developing VISION 2050.


Get Involved


We invite you to participate in planning for the future of our region.

Planning for needs like efficient highways and public transit systems, beneficial parks and open spaces, major land use changes and employment centers, and a quality environment including clean water cannot be done well without working together. These and other needs require a multi-county planning effort and benefit from the participation of many people.

This homepage highlights many of SEWRPC’s efforts and identifies pathways to participation through opportunities like public meetings, public review and comment periods, and planning studies underway.  Please take a few moments to navigate the links to particular work efforts and events for a more detailed look at what is happening and how to learn more or comment.

To help guide public participation, SEWRPC has prepared a public participation plan, summary brochure, and companion documents which are available by clicking on the link below.  These address the importance of public participation to regional planning, the Commission’s public participation goal, and important steps that are taken for involvement opportunities in all of our efforts. 

Please let us hear from you!   more








Meetings & Agendas



Recent Publications 

Addendum to Memorandum Report No. 206
Revised Estimate of the Costs of Converting the Legacy Datums within the Region to New National Datums
(8/2015, 46pp)

Annual Report, 2014
(7/2015, 222pp)

Community Assistance Planning Report No. 323
A Lake Protection and Aquatic Plant Management Plan for Rock Lake, Kenosha County, Wisconsin
(6/2015, 194pp)

Memorandum Report No. 221
A Comparison of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area to Its Peers
(5/2015, 51pp)

Community Assistance Planning Report No. 199
A Park and Open Space Plan for the Village of Mount Pleasant, Racine County, Wisconsin (3rd Edition)
(4/2015, 144pp)

Community Assistance Planning Report No. 317
Washington County Transit System Development Plan
(3/2015, 131pp)

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